Dr. Randy CranstonOn Feb.26th, Dr. Cranston ran an extremely engaging workshop around the topic of inclusion. The day started with the participants asked to construct a container that represents them in some way using play dough. The participants then were asked to construct 3 items that represents what is important to themselves about teaching and/or learning. In this way, the day consisted of various hands-on activities, with opportunities for deep reflection throughout. The activities helped deconstruct the participants’ current beliefs and understandings and help scaffold this knowledge to facilitate their understanding of what inclusion truly means.

Dr. Cranston has worked in numerous job roles in education, from a special class teacher, elementary school teacher, learning support teacher, assistant professor, school principal, district principal, assistant superintendent and now as an educational consultant. His vast experience was reflected in his presentation, by being able to provide examples and case studies form every viewpoint. The day ended with a ticket out the door that had participants reflect on the day and also make goals moving forward in their roles in the education system. His presentation can be viewed below. The handouts he mentions in the video are also available to be downloaded.

Part Two of the Inclusion Series with Faye Brownlie is available here.