fiona_3upFiona is a very outgoing and curious Grade 3 student in Vancouver. Fiona is described by her classroom teacher as an enthusiastic learner with a thirst for knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. Fiona has a visual impairment and has found technology enormously helpful in participating in lessons and completing school work.

In the past, Fiona received her reading materials in large print. This was a challenge because the books she needed were not always available in large print. To ensure Fiona had complete access to everything her peers did, she used a video magnifier from SET-BC to enlarge her print materials. However, the video magnifier did not offer access to looking at things that were at a distance. In order for Fiona to see what was being displayed on the Smartboard, she would sit at the teacher’s computer. Her teacher, Susan Y, did not feel that this allowed Fiona to fully participate in the class because she sat apart from her peers.

The team found a technology solution for Fiona’s needs as they searched for a video magnifier that allowed her to magnify print materials and also look at things at a distance. They selected the VisioBook. The VisioBook offers a pivoting HD camera for both close range and distance viewing. It is relatively small and is foldable (about the size of a laptop) which the Vision teacher remarks is a wonderful advantage of the equipment. The team is thrilled with the Visiobook as it is portable, light and easy to use. Within the first week, Fiona was able to set up and focus the HD camera by herself! The classroom teacher said the system is easy to put away at the end of the day and charge the battery so it is ready for Fiona each morning.

Linda W, Fiona’s Vision teacher says ”The VisioBook has allowed Fiona to be more responsive, engaged in class lessons as well as proactive to use the device on her own.” When the device first arrived, Linda spent time teaching Fiona how to use the camera to view the posters and images around the classroom that Fiona didn’t realize were there.

The Visiobook is set up on her desk facing the Smartboard and Fiona can adjust the camera and the image as her classroom teacher presents the lesson. Susan’s opinion is “Fiona is way more inclusive because she is taking part in the lessons now, instead of viewing the lesson on my computer.”

When asked about the VisioBook, Fiona responded “It’s great and incredible, I can see the Smartboard and read my books!”

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