LeahaLeaha is a bright teenager who attends middle school in Cranbrook. Her goal in life is to become a doctor: to study and treat other children with juvenile arthritis. When approached about being the subject of a SETBC student success story, characteristically, Leaha suggested that she write her own.

“My name is Leaha T. and I am 12 years old. I was first diagnosed with arthritis when I was 9 and I have been on three different medications. Living with juvenile arthritis has been difficult, especially at school. I remember being in class in grade four and my wrist hurt so much I couldn’t even write. I also miss a lot of school due to the pain. But I refuse to let arthritis define who I am and how successful I will be with my life.

I have had so much support from so many caring people. At school, the pain is a lot less because SET-BC has provided me with my own MacBook Air laptop that I get to have at school and at home with me all of the time. This helps me to write out all of my work. SET-BC has also helped so much by providing my laptop and my microphone for Dragon Dictate software. This means that on the days when my arthritis is so bad, I can’t write or type, I am able to speak into my computer, and the Dragon Dictate program writes down everything I say. They have made living with arthritis so much easier for me. I am successful. ”

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