marcel_2up_2013Marcel is an energetic 10-year-old boy who participates in many aspects in his school. Marcel has autism which affects his ability to work with others. He had troubles with attendance and interacting with both teachers and classmates when he first started school. He did not feel comfortable taking instruction from anyone. Marcel’s teacher felt that a computer with a literacy program might make learning more accessible, immediate and motivating. Marcel received a computer with Balanced Literacy from SET-BC in September of 2011.

Since the computer has been in place Marcel has become very interested and engaged in his learning. He started the reading program with Balanced Literacy and it worked well because he felt more comfortable learning from the computer software program. Marcel was able to put the headphones on and focus on learning how to read independently. He has adapted and embraced the routine of using the laptop for developing his literacy skills. Marcel has also become much more comfortable learning in non-technology dependent situations too.

Marcel has become a leader in the school. He is quick to help staff and both younger and older students in the school. He is also much more comfortable in social situations. He has now moved on to creating his own stories in Clicker 6, a writing software program. In a short period of time Marcel has moved away from Balanced Literacy and has moved towards more self-regulated introspective learning. Credit in large part has to be given to the collaborative work of the school based team who have been supportive and encouraging of Marcel’s efforts. Receiving the appropriate supports and technology provided the spark to get Marcel excelling along the right path. Marcel’s successes have not only boosted his self-confidence and motivation levels for learning but they have more importantly allowed Marcel to see himself as a learner.

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