CamrynCamryn sure does know what it is to be struggling to see what is happening around the classroom. She is a student with a visual impairment which makes it difficult for her see things at a distance.

Camryn’s team knew that she could be independent if only she had an assistive technology solution that was simiple to use that would allow her to view things around the room. The team decided to try the DaVinci and it has made a world of difference for Camryn. The device is a closed system that includes a camera and a monitor and is very simple to use. It is a standalone system that does not require setting up a laptop with complex software. Camryn was able to get up and running with two training sessions with the SET-BC consultant and District Vision Resource Teacher.

Within days of Camryn receiving the DaVinci, her classroom teacher reported, “Camryn used the Davinci all day long yesterday! She is now able to sit at the back of the class (she thought that was great) and was able to see the front board, ELMO, and TV with no problems. We didn’t have to enlarge any worksheets for her either! We had a good talk with the class yesterday because it was a real novelty for the first time. I just wanted to let you know how much it means to her and me to see her so happy and able to do everything with the class.”

The main success can be articulated in Camryn’s own words. “With the DaVinci, I’m just a normal kid at school.” She demonstrated her working knowledge of the unit by creating a ‘how to’ video about using the DaVinci for all her class work. Another success was when Camryn taught a grade one child at another school how to use her new DaVinci. It was quite amazing to see her demonstrate how to use all the features of the DaVinci and talk about how much she likes the device.

Camryn will continue to achieve great things in the course of her education as she continues using the DaVinci in the classroom.

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