EmilyEmily is a Grade 10 student in Langley who is finding great success in completing her academic work with assistive technologies in the classroom.
Emily has a visual impairment which makes it challenging for her to access information that is presented at a distance. For reading and writing, Emily requires some magnification of the text size to make things easier to see.

Emily currently uses a laptop with Kurzweil 3000 and ZoomText, a screen magnification software program, in combination with a video magnifier called the SmartView Graduate. The video magnifier allows Emily to access print materials in the classroom at the same time as her peers. The SmartView Graduate also has the capability of room viewing so that Emily can point the camera towards to the board and see what her teacher is presenting.

A large 28-inch monitor accompanies Emily’s elaborate setup so that she has an easier time seeing what is on her screen. All of her equipment is placed on a cart that travels with her as she attends the different classes in her high school such as Science, Math and Social Studies. So setup is fairly quick and easy and Emily is prepared to start as soon as the bell rings for each block.

Kurzweil 3000 is a reading and writing program that helps Emily compose her essays or answer questions directly onto a worksheet. She finds it helpful that the program automatically reads back what she wrote, which in turn helps her in the editing process. Worksheets from the classroom teachers are scanned into the program and she can enlarge them and be able to independently type the answers directly onto it. Zoomtext also helps Emily see the curriculum materials easier as it enlarges and enhances everything on her laptop screen. With her large monitor, she doesn’t miss a single image or item.

Emily feels that the technology has helped her immensely and it has changed and improved her life in school. She is most excited about her upcoming Science assignment. The class is learning about vision and her teacher asked her to give a presentation about having a visual impairment. She’s nervous but hopes that more people will be more aware of her condition. Good luck, Emily!

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