Screen shot showing demonstration on how to use reading tool in Kurzweil 3000 version 13This set of mini-tutorials covers only the very basic skills for Reading, Writing, Studying, and Importing Documents in Kurzweil 3000. The tutorials were created with support from Prince Rupert teachers Rod Hikida and Anne Dopson.

Module One - Basic Reading Skills

Find a reading voice, speed, and zoom that work for you and begin reading in Kurzweil. Control the amount of text that Kurzweil reads. Change pages in Kurzweil and navigate quickly on a page. Track your skills, customization, and practice.

Kurzweil Reading: Read/Pause, Voice, Speed, ZoomKurzweil Reading: Mode and UnitKurzweil Reading: Page Navigation

Module Two - Basic Studying Skills

Look up definitions and synonyms and change the dictionary. Highlight important vocabulary or information and read just the highlights. Use Sticky Notes to add reminders or summarize the contents of a paragraph. Track your skills, customization, and practice.

Kurzweil Studying: Definitions, Dictionary, SynonymsKurzweil Studying: Add/Remove Highlights, Read the HighlightsKurzweil Studying: Add/Remove/Move Sticky Notes

Module Three - Basic Writing Skills

Open a new document and hear Kurzweil speak characters, words, and/or sentences as you type. Change font, size, style, alignment, and spacing of text. Check spelling by listening for errors and using the talking spellchecker. Track your skills, customization, and practice.

Kurzweil Writing: New Document and Speak As You Type OptionsKurzweil Writing: Font, Size, Style, Alignment, SpacingKurzweil Writing: Talking Spellcheck

Module Four - Importing Documents to Kurzweil

Open a Kurzweil (.kes), Word (.doc or .docx), or Adobe (.pdf) document in Kurzweil. Convert a World Book Online article to Kurzweil format. Import a graphic organizer or worksheet from the web and fill it in.

Kurzweil Importing: Open a Kurzweil, Word, or Adobe DocumentKurzweil Importing: World Book OnlineKurzweil Importing: Graphic Organizer and Fill in the Blanks

Module Five - Word Lists

Creating word list from document. Creating word list from highlights. Using floating word lists. Using word lists with word prediction. Editing word list. Creating a word list by typing the words.

Kurzweil Word List: Word list from documentKurzweil Word List: Word list from highlightsKurzweil Word List: Floating word listsKurzweil Word List: Word lists and word predictionKurzweil Word List: Word lists from typingKurzweil Word List: Editing word lists