JessicaJessica is a creative, delightful and talented grade 5 student. She will be transitioning to middle school next year. She has been using a SET-BC laptop with Clicker 6 this year to support her inclusion in the curriculum. Her school based team has used a lot of the pre-made curriculum materials from Curriculum SET and Learning Grids as well as the build in Quick Grid Wizards and book making templates in Clicker 6. She has also been using Smart Notebook software, provided by the school to guide herself through her day as a daily schedule.

At the beginning of the year, Jessica had a visit to her school from SET-BC’s Timmy Technology and was able to show Timmy around. Timmy comes with a lot of Assistive Technology supports, samples and exploratory activities that student can use to learn about and explore Assistive Technology with their class.

As a year-end activity Jessica decided to write and illustrate her own book “Rosie the Chick” in Clicker 6 using the built in Paint tools. Once the story was complete she read it to the students in the kindergarten class. She will also be sharing her book at the year-end assembly. Click here to download a PDF version of her book.

Jessica is also very proud of the PowerPoint presentation she has made using a PowerPoint template. This PowerPoint served many purposes. It showcased Jessica’s talents in technology, her skills as a photographer, her love of pop music, memories of a very productive year, is a transition portfolio and an introduction of Jessica to her new middle school team.

Jessica is becoming very independent with her technology and is certainly a fabulous author and illustrator. Best of luck next year Jessica as you move to middle school and keep up the great work.

To learn more about the technology used in this SETstory, search for it by name in learningSET.