riley_3up_2013Riley is in grade 9. His ability to communicate with others is affected by his condition. Since 2005, SET-BC has supported Riley with a variety of Assistive Technology solutions to support his need to communicate and access the curriculum. He currently uses a speech-generating device called a Vantage to help him communicate with his family, friends, teachers, and people in the community. To help Riley at school, the Vantage is pre-programmed with appropriate words and phrases that will allow him to participate in classroom discussions, initiate social interactions with staff and peers, and increase his academic independence.

In preparation for a school party, Riley went to a local grocery store and coffee shop to order both the food and drinks needed for the event. His district and school support team helped him prepare and plan what he would need to say in this situation, and pre-programmed his Vantage with appropriate words and phrases. Using his Vantage, Riley was able to have a conversation with the staff members in which he placed his order, confirmed the amount of food and drink ordered, and also arranged a pick-up time.

This technology has given Riley a voice, and provides the support he needs to participate, communicate and learn – both in school and in his community. Way to go, Riley!

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