ArshdeepArshdeep is a Grade 9 student in Abbotsford who has mastered the use of his technology in a very short amount of time. Before Arshdeep entered secondary school this past Fall, he and his team spent months carefully planning for the transition in the early Spring of the previous school year. This was no ordinary transition because of Arshdeep’s complex physical access needs and the need to switch to a new operating system. Arshdeep had been using a MacIntosh laptop successfully in middle school but had to transition to a Windows system because his new secondary school only supported the Windows OS.

Arshdeep’s determination and ability to learn quickly helped him make the big move relatively smoothly. Learning an entirely new operating system is no easy feat but Arshdeep met the challenge head on and has now mastered it.

Arshdeep is a fully academic student and is able to complete written assignments independently. He uses a laptop with Kurzweil 3000 and an on-screen keyboard program called Wivik. In order to type on his laptop, an advanced joystick has been mounted on his wheelchair because Arshdeep does not have the use of his hands. The Jouse 2 acts like a regular computer mouse but allows users to control movements with their mouth or tongue. He can perform any operation on his computer with this advanced technology.

The laptop and Jouse 2 has been custom mounted on his wheelchair by Sunny Hill Health Centre, which is an organization at BC Children’s Hospital that offers specialized services to children with disabilities. This allows him to travel anywhere in the school so that he’ll always have his technology with him.

Arshdeep feels that the technology has assisted him tremendously with his academics. With Kurzweil 3000, his teaching assistant Jon scans worksheets directly onto his laptop and Arshdeep can complete his classroom assignments independently. He often uses his laptop for reading digital books. This semester, Arshdeep is taking Math, Social Studies and Information Technology and uses Kurzweil for all his classes. As he continues his schooling for the next few years, the technology will grow with him and ensure his continued success.

Way to go Arshdeep!

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