Screen shot of Clicker 6 book called I like moviesThis AAC Activity Day package is designed to help support consultants and districts to facilitate group events to support the use of AAC. The resources have been compiled with the input of AAC SLPs who have run these kinds of events and who have shared their plans, materials and resources. We are most grateful for the contributions of the following AAC Specialists outside of SETBC whose selfless sharing of resources has made the development of this package possible: Ann Marie Foxe, Corinna Duffitt, Betsy Neilly, Tammy McEachern-Hughes, Sue Rampone, Heather MacNaughton, Monica Francella and Rosemary Park.

1. Introduction

2. Preparation

3. Learning Objectives

4. Forms and Flyers

5. Day Plan and Agenda

6. Lesson Plans and Activity Descriptions

7. Support Materials

8. Additional Resources