Camryn_320x240My name is Camryn.  I am in grade five.  I have an eye disease called Stargardt’s.  Some things are hard for me to see clearly. My teacher’s name is mrs. Haack.  She is very nice.  She makes learning lots of fun. My vision teacher’s name is Mrs. Elgie.  She works with me every week.  She teachs me to type.  She teachs me about Braille.  She also orders me large print books from PRCVI.  I like using my large print books because I can see the print.  I also have a DaVinci room viewer.  It is wonderful.  I can see everything on the board and on the overhead using it. My teacher says with all this help I am just a normal kid at school.  My mom says it to. I want to thank you for helping me to be a normal kid at school.

Yours truly,


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