WyattWyatt is a grade 9 student at Dr. Kearney Middle School in Fort St. John, BC.  Wyatt was born with Down Syndrome which has impacted his ability to access the curriculum at his cognitive level. Wyatt, together with his EA Jen Salinas, have been very successful at increasing his academic engagement and performance using his SET-BC computer and a program called Clicker 5 to complete many of his daily tasks, schedules and writing activities.  This year SET-BC upgraded Wyatt’s software to Clicker 6 which has many new options for students to easily create projects and present their learning.   His team has found this program to be the missing link that Wyatt needed to express his learning and complete many of the same tasks as his peers, at his cognitive level.

In September, Wyatt used Clicker 6 to create a presentation about Terry Fox to present to his peers.  This presentation was so well received that the school administration asked if he would be willing to put together a presentation for the Remembrance Day Assembly in front of the whole school.  Wyatt was able to share what this day meant to him in his own words, using technology as his voice.  An amazing aspect of this story is that in the past, Wyatt had a fear of attending assemblies. However, this time he sat in the gym with his presentation cued up, and with his EA by his side, used Clicker 6 to speak his thoughts and share some video clips with staff and students alike.  This was a very touching moment for not only his parents, but his team and peers, too.

Wyatt now independently completes his journal and plans his day using the schedule that was prepared for him on Clicker 6.  This technology has increased his confidence level by giving him the tools to be more independent.  He has also demonstrated that he has a great sense of humour through his ability to share his thoughts using Clicker 6.

There are now several SET-BC students who have upgraded to Clicker 6 and are using this program very successfully within the Life Skills Room at Dr. Kearney Junior Secondary.  The team have found it very beneficial to have a person who is fully trained in Clicker 6 in the classroom so that changes to grids can be quickly modified to make them appropriate to the needs of the students.

As Wyatt grows, so does his ability to use this program as it has all of the features that he will need to complete his schooling and become an effective communicator within his school.  For Wyatt, the limits are endless with Clicker 6.

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