Willy iSucessWilly, a seventh grade student, is having great success with an iPad as a tool for learning. He is finding ample opportunities to use the iPad in a wide variety of classroom activities.

Who better to share his experience than Willy himself?

Below is a letter that Willy composed on his iPad addressed to his SET-BC Consultant,  Doug Bowes.

Dear Mr. Bowes,

I just wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying the new iPad! It is helping to make my school experience more interesting, easier to understand and even opening doors “socially” for me. My EA says it is a GREAT tool for us both & we look forward to finding out even more ways that the iPad can help us.

One of the first things we noticed was that the iPad makes learning more interesting. We have used it for math games, spelling quizzes, art collages, playing with photography and SO much more. I have pasted a few of the pictures I am most proud of below! A couple of my favourite apps so far, that I used with my Egypt study, have been the 3D apps that allowed me to walk through the “Ancient Egyptian Pyramids” and “Google Earth,” to show me “where in the world” those pyramids are! I just recently downloaded the “Pages” and “Word Prediction” apps too, so I look forward to speeding up my spelling/writing & hopefully working more independently!

I have also appreciated how convenient the iPad is to use. It takes only seconds now for me to look up information. This is helpful because I can research something I don’t understand without falling really far behind. The iPad has also made it so easy to hand in my finished assignments. If the teacher needs me to do any corrections, She can just email it back with the notes beside. Most of all, it is convenient because it is portable, and can go with me wherever I go!

The iPad is also helping me socially. Because I am able to look up information so quickly, I feel like I can contribute to the group discussion & research. All my friends seem to enjoy when I can show them a picture or diagram of what we are studying.

I am so thankful for my new iPad, and I hope that more students will be able to benefit from them like I have been able to! My EA & I look forward to taking this iPad to high school next year with an even greater understanding of all it can do for us!!

Sincerely yours, Willy

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