team_effort_2upThe school team at Adam Robertson Elementary School in Creston, BC has tackled some interesting challenges to make technology work for students in their Grade 4 classroom.

This year we were very happy to be able to support the team of teachers from Adam Robertson and their SET-BC Classroom Based Project. In a school that did not have much technology, this team of teachers was committed to supporting their students in the classroom with technology in all areas of the curriculum by using Universal Design for Learning principles. They wanted to use a SMART Board, a small lab of laptop computers and other classroom technologies to allow more students to access the curriculum and demonstrate their learning in new and unique ways.

The school is located in a very old building and the team at Adam Robertson was met with several challenges as they embarked on their technology-based project.

CHALLENGE #1: There were only two electrical outlets in the classroom! The principal and teacher team was not sure if there was even enough electricity to support the SMART Board and other technologies.

SOLUTION #1: The school district was on board from the beginning and committed to supporting the project. District administrators, the electrician, carpenter, technical support staff and the school based team met at the school to plan a solution. This was a significant event given the district is geographically large with mountain passes and wintery road conditions. As a result of this important planning meeting, the entire school was rewired and the school received an electrical upgrade. The classroom itself had new wiring and conduit installed in order for the projector to be mounted to the ceiling.

CHALLENGE #2: The classroom did not have secure storage for the equipment.

SOLUTION #2: District carpenters built new cupboards and cabinet doors were installed in the classroom for secure storage for the equipment.

CHALLENGE #3: Technical support in the district is a challenge due to distance and high demand so the IT support had limited time to help set up the equipment.

SOLUTION #3: The technology support person made time and was able to set up the technology right in the school. Due to the age of the school building, he had to find nearby routers for internet access. He also synchronized the cameras to the computers, set-up all the student log-ins and files, as well as the SMART board, document cameras, laptops, cameras, and projector. He also gave the team an instructional session on how to use all the equipment!

All of this work took place over the course of the Winter Break and the first week back in January.

Congratulations to the entire team who collaborated so effectively to bring technology to the Adam Robertson Grade 4 class! The school team, district administrators, technical support person, carpenter and electrician really came together to overcome the various challenges and put solutions in place quickly for the benefit of all students in the class. With this “can-do” attitude, we know this team is well on their way to a successful project year. We wish them much luck and look forward to hearing of their successes in the coming months!