timmy_bill_240x345Timmy Technology is SET-BC’s official ambassador. He is available to visit BC schools and communities. Any teacher or special education assistant can invite Timmy to visit a SET-BC student in any school in British Columbia.

Timmy just can’t stop thinking of all the exciting adventures he’s had. Just this summer he had such an adventure! Imagine his excitement when he visited one of the 2011/2012 Stanley Cup winning coaches, Bill Ranford. Timmy got to see the cup in person and even got to sit in it! Who else can say that? What an exciting summer!

All adventures are exciting to Timmy – he can’t help it – he’s programmed to travel. And he’s already off to Vancouver Island visiting communities there until the end of the year. After that, his calendar is ready to be filled.

This year, Timmy is traveling with some new First Nations puppet companions and has also packed some new books and games. He always brings his suitcase which includes a package of teaching resources. When you book Timmy’s visit, you can request games, switch-adapted toys as well as an iPad loaded with accessible books for students and Timmy to enjoy together.

Consider doing a unit on “My Community” with your class and using the camera, have your students introduce Timmy to what is special about your school and community. Or have Timmy and your students write a story using the iPad. Timmy also keeps a scrapbook and he relies on school teams to scrapbook a page or two for him.