whale_kids1The Kurzweil 3000 training resource provides four modules of learning activities. These activities are designed to support teachers who are working with students using Kurzweil 3000 to support their reading, studying, writing and test and worksheet completion in the classroom. Narrated screen demonstrations are supplemented by print tutorials in each of the modules, and concluded with a set of practice activities to review each skill.

The Clicker 5 resource came about through the passion of SET-BC regional consultant Maureen LaFleche who worked with a school team to implement Clicker 5 successfully in a full class setting over several lessons.

The Click-Guide-Learn resource provides a set of lesson plans for a teacher who is looking to use Clicker 5 in a whole class setting. The resource includes a number of narrated screen demonstrations which provide prerequisite skills for using the software in this setting. Seven print lesson plans accompany these screen demonstrations, which offer visual step-by-step instructions. As a starting point, three completed Clicker 5 units are available for download from curriculumSET. These units provide a starting point, and are supplemented with a blank Clicker unit template which can be completely customized according to the theme or unit currently occurring in the classroom.