clicker6_May_2012_4up1For many years, SET-BC has loaned Cricksoft’s Clicker 5 reading and writing tool to those teams supporting beginning or struggling readers and writers. It has been a popular software solution as it has many engaging features including the ability to easily add sound, images, and video to reading and writing activities.

Many educators around the province have created Clicker 5 activities based on the BC curriculum sharing them through our own curriculumSET or the Cricksoft Learning Grids website.

After much anticipation, Clicker 6 was recently released and SET-BC consultants are quickly learning about its new and improved features in anticipation of the software going out to teams in early fall. According to initial reaction, Clicker 6 has become more intuitive to use for both students and for teams customizing their activities. There is a new “Quick Start” activity screen giving students instant and independent access to the word processor which now has a word predictor to help with spelling and grammar.

ClickerPaint, once a separate program, has now been integrated into Clicker 6 giving students easy access to the many painting and stamping tools. Support for image integration is improved, with students now being able to put photos taken with their built-in webcams right into their activities and documents.

In addition to the improvements which will allow students to become more independent in their use of the software, the amount of time that teams will need to customize activities has been reduced. The development of activity creation tools and a new ‘Edit mode’ makes it much easier and faster for teams to create brand new reading and writing activities or to customize existing ones.

The many Clicker 5 activities that are currently in curriculumSET will still be available for those teams still using Clicker 5. For those who will be using Clicker 6 to create activities that contain Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols (PCS), a new version of PCS files will be needed as well.

Our consultants have already started work on creating new Clicker 6 activities and several are now available in curriculumSET.

For teams interested in getting a preview of the new Clicker 6, there will be online sessions scheduled later in May – check out our Events calendar to register. In addition, we will be creating web-based training resources for our Learning Centre and hope to have those in place by early September.

For more information on Clicker 6, please contact your SET-BC consultant or visit the Cricksoft website.