Celebrating Student Project Success!In A.R. MacNeill Secondary School’s resource room, 11 student reporters researched the lives and accomplishments of beloved role model Canadians. These fine Canucks looked at the lives of famous athletes, entertainers, and artists and included the likes of Trevor Linden, Justin Bieber, Emily Carr, and Michael J. Fox.

Using computer desktops available in their resource room, the students conducted a web search on their famous Canadian gleaning interesting facts and taking careful notes along the way. As they progressed in their research, the students compiled a portfolio of information which contained a magazine cover, a puzzle using an iconic image of their chosen famous Canadian, and a scrapbook collage.

They then used one of the project iPads to create an electronic book using the book authoring app, Pictello. To create their books, the students downloaded and imported pictures typing supporting information for each of the pages. The results were well written reports in the form of accessible books that were then shared amongst the students.

On May 16, 2012, the class held a party to celebrate all the work that had been accomplished. The students invited their parents to join them so that they could present their portfolios and accessible books.

The students also demonstrated all the iPad skills they had learned throughout the class unit which included how to take a video, how to search for a picture online, download it and find it on the iPad. They also were able to demonstrate how to find the source for the downloaded image they used in their accessible book so that they could compile a bibliography. A highlight for the students was sharing videos taken of them at their jobs by their job coaches.

There was a great deal of buzz around the room as the students shared their work with their parents. Delicious treats were served and at the end of the student showcase, the students were awarded certificates to recognize all their hard work over the last several months. It was a great time had by all.

We are very excited to hear about these students’ successes and are pleased we were able to play a small part in supporting their project. To follow A.R. MacNeill and other SET-BC classroom based projects currently underway, visit the project blog site.

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