More Fun at Kurzweil Camps!SET-BC Student Activity Days have been running across the province for several years. These student focused training days are a fun way to provide students (and their supporting teachers and educational assistants) with activities designed to help them reach independence in their use of assistive technology in the classroom.

On April 20th, Yvonne Green and Connie Bentley (SET-BC Consultants supporting the Vancouver school district) sponsored a one day “camp” for Vancouver School District students and their support workers who use the assistive technology software Kurzweil 3000.

Kurzweil 3000 provides support in the areas of reading, comprehension of text, study skills, and the writing process.

Kurzweil supports these processes through the use of brainstorming, outlining, templates and the addition of various annotations to textual materials.

The students and their adult support workers had a fun day learning to use the software tools through the creation of mini projects on high interest topics such as Justin Bieber, the History of McDonalds and Hockey.

The day was full of fun activities, challenges, and networking with new friends. At the end of the day, all the students played Kurzweil Jeopardy and spent their ‘Kurzweil Kash’ on a variety of prizes as a reward for their hard work throughout the day.

Students and staff alike left the ‘camp’ having developed a variety of skills and strategies for using the software to support future writing projects.

If you are interested in having a Student Activity Day in your area contact your regional SET-BC consultant or

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