easter_card_01Katelyn is a student in Grade 3 who has a strong interest in computers and learning. Her team identified Clicker 5, an assistive technology software program, as a tool to support Katelyn’s emerging reading and writing development.

Katelyn’s team approached their SET-BC consultant, Lisa Watson, to find out about locating or creating Clicker activities for Katelyn because one of the few that Katelyn seemed to enjoy was the “Build a Snowman” activity from curriculumSET. Katelyn became actively and positively engaged in that activity each day, whereas she showed little or no interest in other activities. The team went in search for similar Clicker activities in SET-BC’s curriculumSET and LearningGrids.com but was unable to find anything that was similar. That’s when they contacted Lisa.

Lisa sat down with the team and discussed some of Katelyn’s interests and activities in her life outside of school, as well as looked at some of Katelyn’s social and self-regulation for school. Through that discussion they came up with a list of topics to focus on: setting the table, making a pizza, dressing a doll, and going camping with her family.

Due to the complexity of building a similar activity in Clicker, which requires the layering of graphics, Lisa contacted Daphne Mercier, a member of the Provincial Resource Team responsible for student resources and in working together, they developed 6 more activities to meet Katelyn’s needs.

These fun new Clicker activities are available for download in curriculumSET: