peter_rabbit_01SET-BC is welcoming Spring with activities for students using assistive technologies or software. Over the past few years Spring themed student resources have grown to include many different types of learning activities. These activities, like all our student resources, have been contributed by BC educators around the province or developed by SET-BC provincial and regional consultants.

We have accessible books and activities for such programs as Clicker 5, Classroom Suite, and Boardmaker Studio that use the Spring and/or Easter theme to help students develop their literacy skills. And, for those students who need communication support, we have many communication boards which can be downloaded and printed just in time for fresh frolicking in the Spring air.

Accessible Books

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (National Geographic) (PowerPoint)
  • Springtime Mud (PowerPoint and Classroom Suite 4)
  • Tale of the Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter (PowerPoint)
  • Teddy Rabbit by Kathy Stinson (PowerPoint)