TylerTyler is a 16 year old student attending North Peace Senior Secondary School in Fort St. John, BC. Tyler has a condition which affects his ability to communicate. To communicate with others, Tyler has used sign language and picture exchange programs throughout his life.

In April of 2010, he received a ChatPC Silk from SET-BC. This device has completely changed Tyler’s life! Before the device, Tyler would struggle with communicating his needs effectively and would often grab people to indicate what he wanted them to see. He would often experience behavioural outbursts due to frustration and, at times, intimidate his peers due to his physical size.

Since using his ChatPC Silk, his frustration level has decreased significantly and the outbursts have completely disappeared – his family and team feel he could not do without this device for even a day. Being able to communicate effectively and efficently has enabled Tyler to meet all of his educational program outcomes at a higher level of mastery. Tyler is communicating – inviting peers to engage in games, telling the city bus driver where he is going, and communicating with people in his work experience program at Home Hardware. This level of interaction was simply not possible using his previous system of communication.

Tyler’s team has observed that the communication device has allowed him to double his attempts to initiate communication with others which has resulted in Tyler becoming a much more self confident young man. He has been able to connect socially with his peers and paticipate in a much more meaningful school program. A whole new world of communication has opened up for Tyler since receiving his ChatPC Silk!

View Video - Tyler: Silky Smooth Communicator

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