At the end of January, two members of the SET-BC ‘family’ will be retiring – we wish them the best!

Safe Travels Bruce!

bruceFraserBruce Fraser, our Region 3 (Okanagan) consultant supporting the Kamloops area districts, will be traveling on at the end of January to the land of leisure and relaxation. Knowing Bruce, however, we doubt there will be much leisure! He is set to immediately go on an extended trip to Portugal with side trips expected to Spain. Bruce has been a SET-BC consultant for many years, but supported our program even before officially joining us – he was the Kamloops SET-BC District Partner before that. Bruce brought his extensive knowledge of supporting diverse students in the classroom as well as his love of technology solutions to the consultant position. He was very skilled at managing his time as he was not only able to give excellent and caring service to his students and teams, he regularly contributed to provincial project and focus group initiatives. You can find some of his work featured in our Learning Centre. Bruce was also a valued and respected member of the SET-BC regional and provincial team. He brought his thoughtful approach to all discussions, contributing to important decisions that set program direction.

We understand that travel will not only be on his new agenda – Bruce has been a long time “birder” who enjoys finding and photographing birds wherever he goes. We will miss Bruce and his many, many contributions to our organization. We wish him all the best in his new adventures!

Farewell to Bob, the “Machine”

bob_240x180-160x120Bob Baliello, a long time member of our SET-BC Provincial Centre Technical Support Team, is officially hanging up his repair tools at the end of January. Bob started with SET-BC in a Region 2 (Lower Mainland) User Support position where he worked with consultants and teams in the schools to set up and troubleshoot a wide variety of technology solutions. He still counts those as some of his favourite days with SET-BC as he was able to see students using the technology and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with teams in the field. Later, he moved to the Provincial Centre Technical Support Team as a technician. Many of you may have spoken with Bob as he took his turn every few weeks on the SETdesk help line. When not solving problems on the phone, he worked hard, with the other members of his team, to prepare and repair student computers and devices. He earned his nickname “Bob the Machine” because he was able to efficiently prepare and image hundreds of computers each cycle to ensure they were shipped on time to teams anxiously waiting for the equipment.

Not only was Bob a committed and hardworking member of our team, his big personality showed up in his enthusiasm for our various staff events (particularly those involving food!) and he was always ready and willing to contribute to making our Provincial Centre an enjoyable work site.

Bob was one of the members of the SET-BC team that worked hard behind the scenes, supporting the work of our consultants and Provincial Resource Team, always focused on how his efforts helped students in schools. We will miss Bob at the Provincial Centre but wish him the best of luck in his upcoming retirement. We understand he will now be able to spend more time on his favourite hobby – art photography. Congratulations, Bob!