Kelly Fonner workshopAssistive Technology can be an invaluable support to students in their pursuit of becoming independent and completing required tasks in the school environment. However, effective implementation of assistive technology is no easy matter, requiring systematic planning and collaboration from all members of a student’s school based team.

That said, there is no better person to speak to the issues of AT assessment and considerations than Kelly Fonner! Kelly is an experienced educational and assistive technology consultant from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin who has been working in the field of assistive technology since 1983.

On January 10th, Kelly presented her full day workshop entitled “The Assistive Technology Assessment and Consideration Process” to a group of 75 educational professionals, winning the audience over with her wit and charm!

Kelly is an advocate of Joy Zabala’s SETT Framework which emphasizes the need for determining the student’s strengths and needs, environmental considerations, and required school based tasks, before looking to assistive technology tools that will support those needs.

Using this framework as the foundation, Kelly addressed the assessment process, feature match considerations, common errors, and much more.

SET-BC thanks Kelly for providing this valuable professional development opportunity for British Columbia teams.

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