A Whale of a Book!What happens when you mix one part clever students, one part Clicker 5 and a dash of instruction? Creativity, engagement and fun! That’s just what happened in the Skills for Life (SFL) class at Dover Secondary in Nanaimo.

Shannon Busby (SFL teacher), Catherine Brunt (Speech Language Pathologist) and Maureen LaFleche (SET-BC Consultant) met to discuss how to incorporate Clicker 5 and Clicker Paint as a tool for the whole class.

The topic of whales was selected to demonstrate using the tool with the whole class and four activity sessions were mapped out.

The group was comprised of a total of 12 students. They met four times for sessions ranging between 1 and 1.5 hours in November and December.

During the first session the students did a pre-reading activity as a group. They generated ideas about what they knew and what they wanted to learn using a KWL graphic organizer. This type of organizer is a fast and easy tool for generating some thinking before and after a lesson.

Once the students completed the pre-reading activity it was then time for them to read some accessible books about whales. The students used the laptops with Clicker 5 and Clicker Paint installed on them to read these accessible books. The students clicked on the sound icons within the accessible book to listen to the content to learn about whales.

These accessible books about whales can be downloaded from curriculumSET. When the students finished reading the books, they brainstormed words related to whales. These words were placed into a Clicker 5 word grid and as a group, the students created sentences about whales using the words they generated.

During the second lesson, the students completed a labeling activity as a group and then demonstrated their artistic talents in two other separate activities. Using Clicker Paint they created a stamped ocean scene and drew a picture of a whale. The students stamped, created, and designed amazing pictures. Each and every drawing was unique in demonstrating the students’ individual artistic flare.

During the third lesson, the students made their own books about whales. This provided the students with an engaging way to recall and share what they knew. The students learned how to use pictures, sounds, text, and their own voices in Clicker 5. Each student diligently set to work to complete their book.

The students started the fourth and final lesson by revisiting the KWL chart they started in the first lesson. They discussed what they learned about whales. The students then spent a few minutes finishing up their books. The finale was having each student present their books on whales. Each student proudly presented their book to the class. They received accolades and words of encouragement for a job well done.

As one final task the students were asked to use one word to describe the activity. They described the activity as: awesome, cool, epic, fantastic, great, fabulous, amazing, and “killer”. Their enthusiasm for using Clicker 5 with Clicker Paint was contagious. If you need some support with Clicker 5 drop in and ask one of the clever Dover students. They will be sure to help you out.

A special thanks goes out to the peer tutors and the Educational Assistants that helped out with this student activity. Their involvement with setting up the lab and supporting the students was beyond helpful.

To learn more about the technology used in this SETevent, search for it by name in learningSET.