Open Book Opens Books!On November 10, 2011 SET-BC collaborated with the Provincial Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI) to pilot a new Student Activity Day – Open Book Camp.

This student focused training day aims to increase students’ ability to use technology to enable them to independently access curricular materials in the classroom environment. Independent access to print is a vital life skill for students with visual impairments, and a part of their extended core curriculum.

The day was lead by Dave Rathwell, a past SET-BC consultant and current Provincial Outreach Coordinator for PRCVI. Dave led the students through a number of reading activities using the software program Open Book, by Freedom Scientific.

The students used the Pearl Camera to acquire their reading assignments into Open Book. They then explored the programs’ basic interface, navigation, speech, and visual settings.

After their initial introductions to the program, the students worked through using the program study skills features. For example, they learned to “find” words, highlight important information, add comments to acquired text, as well as extract highlights and comments to a separate document.

The students amazed the adults in attendance with their ability to navigate the program, as well as the ease with which they were able to bring information into the program to be read out loud, studied, and organized.

SET-BC and PRCVI are excited to see this day happen in other areas of British Columbia.

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