AAC Community Day in CoquitlamOn Monday November 21st 2011, an enthusiastic group of students participated in Coquitlam School District’s fourth annual AAC Community Day.

Their Speech Language Pathologists, Anya Bayley, Sabrina Driedger and Doris Lina planned and led the day’s activities. The students ranged from grades 2 through 12 and were joined by their parents, skills teachers and SEA’s in this fun filled day of communication.

Although every student was communicating at a different level, everyone found ways to communicate with each other and successfully participated in the activities.

The day began with an icebreaker Bingo activity in which the student learned about each other by asking and answering questions. Everyone enjoyed seeing each other’s communication systems.

They played guessing games like Headbands and everyone enjoyed directing their teachers, SEAs and parents in a game of Twister. There was lots of laughter and conversation.

The day ended with ice cream cake and plans to meet again. All of the students experienced a wonderful opportunity to communicate with each other using a variety of Speech Generating Devices and other Picture Symbol Communication based systems.

New friendships were created and many were rekindled from previous years. All are looking forward to the next AAC Community Day.

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