This September, several new consultants have joined the SET-BC provincial and regional teams. As a result of retirements and staff members returning to district positions, six teachers began their new roles as SET-BC consultants this school year. We know their energy and enthusiasm will serve them well as they take on the many challenges they will face supporting their SET-BC students and teams. We welcome them to our program!

Kendra Anderson has taken an interesting and varied path to SET-BC. Her degree in English Literature and diploma in media and communication helped her early in her career when she worked in arts administration, including working for Bard on the Beach and the Vancouver Fringe Festival. As her mother was an SEA for 25 years and both her parents worked with adults with special needs, she entered a Masters program with the intention of completing it in the field of special education. During her practicum while working with a kindergarten student with multiple needs, she met a terrific vision teacher who inspired her to enter the Masters program in Visual Impairments and Blindness at UBC. Upon completion, she worked as a vision teacher in the Sea-to-Sky school district and independent schools. “I enjoy the way technology can link all students in the world around them, and therefore to a wide range of exciting possibilities. A student with a visual impairment can use technology to access all the same information a sighted person can access. I look forward to working collaboratively with SET-BC staff, students, and their teams to come up with the best possible technological tools to help students to successfully achieve their academic and personal goals.” Kendra joins the Region 2 (Lower Mainland) team supporting students and teams on the North Shore.

Charlotte Friend has had a long and successful career already in education starting 22 years ago as a French teacher. She never expected to be working in Special Education at that time but as her career and life experiences progressed, she found herself drawn into a field that is very important to her. She particularly enjoys finding solutions for vulnerable students with complex needs. “I enjoy learning how technology can be used to break down barriers for students who face challenges interacting in the school setting and in everyday life.” Charlotte joins the Region 2 (Lower Mainland) team working with Colin in the Surrey satellite office.

Lena Ling started teaching in the JET Programme in Japan as an English teacher, moving on to teach at a Chinese university. She returned to Vancouver to complete her B.Ed in Technology and Critical Thinking and was hired by the Vancouver School Board as a computer prep teacher at Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary. She continued at Begbie for a few years teaching Grade 7. She enjoys the fact that technology can be used as a tool for motivation and to extend students’ learning. She is a big advocate for the “prudent” use of technology ensuring students have the basic skills prior to exploring those skills using technology. “I’m really excited to be in an environment that gives me the opportunity to use the education I’ve acquired and to apply the skills and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career. Working at SET-BC gives me an opportunity to stay abreast with the technology trends used in the classroom and the forum to share ideas about its use.” Lena joins the Provincial Resource Team as the SET-BC Service Delivery manager.

Colin Reid started his education career as a Technical Education Teacher at VanTech Secondary School in Vancouver where he taught Computer Assisted Drafting and Design. He really enjoys the fact that technology is always changing with new developments occurring each day and he likes seeing how technology can be put to use to enable all students to get the most out of their education. “I am most looking forward to coming up with strategies and ideas that will see technology being used in new ways to help our students.” Colin joins the Region 2 (Lower Mainland) team working from the Surrey satellite office.

Lisa Watson began her career with the Vancouver School Board as a classroom and computer teacher at the elementary level. She really enjoys seeing how technology can engage students in the curriculum in a dynamic, interactive way allowing a wide range of students to have access to the curriculum and experience success. “I look forward to being part of a team of educators who are able to use assistive technology to support students and create successful learning environments for them.” Lisa will be working with the Region 2 (Lower Mainland) team working with the Vancouver and Richmond school districts.

Elizabeth Welsh attended the University of Victoria for her undergraduate degree and in 1990 earned a Masters degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences from the University of British Columbia. She has been working as a speech language pathologist for the past 20 years in the Campbell River school district and for eight of those years has specialized in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. She is really drawn to technology because she has seen how instrumental it has been in achieving the goal of independence for many of the students with whom she has worked. “In working with SET-BC I look forward to learning more about assistive technology and sharing that knowledge with others so that kids can continue to access the technology that will lead to more independence and reaching their potential.” Elizabeth joins the Region 1 (Vancouver Island) team to support the Sooke, Gulf Islands and Francophone school districts as well as independent schools in the south island.