CalebFor ambulatory non-verbal students like Caleb, it can be challenging to find technology that is small, lightweight and portable enough to address both communication and curricular access needs. His team believes they have found a great solution for Caleb in the Mobile Activity Player (MAP). This little tablet runs on a Windows XP operating system. It has a handle for easy carrying and a screen that tilts and rotates to lie flat on the keyboard for touch screen access. With a built-in webcam and wireless internet access, it has the hardware features he needs for communication. Speech language pathologist, Heather MacNaughton, feels the Tobii Viking Communicator 4 Premium software with the WordPower pageset, provides Caleb with fully generative language output with text-to-speech capabilities. For communicating in larger group situations, he pairs the MAP with a Bluetooth speaker to increase loudness of the device so everyone can hear what he has to say.

The MAP also supports his curriculum needs. Caleb has Clicker 5, Clicker Paint and PCS metafiles loaded on his MAP and his CEAs, Jennifer LaRose and Alison Hryniuk, assist him in the classroom while he accesses adapted resources. They have found something appropriate for most classroom topics in curriculumSET and can easily adapt the content in the gridsets to suit Caleb’s needs specifically.

When configured with a SmartBoard by his grade 3 classroom teacher, Sue Ito, the MAP also supports the diverse needs of Caleb’s entire class. With visual supports and text-to-speech capabilities, this setup allows all learners in the classroom to access the curriculum. The same activity can address the individual goals of each learner in Caleb’s classroom setting.

View Video - Caleb: MAPs his way to Success

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