SET-BC Regions 1 & 2 welcome Bridges and TobiiATISET-BC works closely with Canadian Educational and Assistive Technology Vendor Bridges Canada. Recently, Cindi Johnston (our BC sales consultant for Bridges) hosted Betsy Walker from TobiiATI in a workshop for both SET-BC Region 1 (Vancouver Island) and SET-BC Region 2 (Lower Mainland).
On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Region 1 consultants hosted the

TobiiATI overview workshop at the District Resource Center in Nanaimo, BC. Soon afterwards, on Thursday April 7th Betsy and Cindi arrived at SET-BC Provincial Centre to provide the overview presentation to SET-BC and CAYA (Communication Assistance for Young Adults) consultants, as well as visitors from GF Strong Rehabilitation Hospital, and augmentative communication specialists from local school districts.

Betsy Walker from TobiiATI presented the workshop and demonstrated the various communication devices and communication software options that are offered by TobiiATI.

Participants and consultants in attendance had the opportunity to try out a variety of devices including the new digitized device, the S32, the C8 which has optional head tracking access with the C-dot, and the C12 and C15 with optional eye tracking. Both the Cdot and PCeye technology have the flexibility to be added to communication and PC computer technologies.

Tobii’s eye tracking technology benefits from the company’s involvement in research outside of assistive technology. All participants were impressed by the eye tracking technology and found it easy to use and intuitive. During the afternoon, participants had a chance to explore some of the company’s software options: Symbolmate software, and the Tobii Communicator software.

SET-BC thanks Bridges and TobiiATI for the informative workshop, and continues to enjoy and value our assistive technology partnership!

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