Clicker Camp Student Activity DayOn Tuesday, April 19th, the SET-BC Provincial Centre hosted a Clicker Talking Books Camp for students from around the lower mainland. This half-day “camp” was one of the SET-BC student activity days designed to help students understand and use their technology more effectively.

At this camp, three Clicker 5 using students and their support adults enthusiastically participated in activities designed to teach the students how to create interactive books containing a wide variety of images and sounds.

Clicker 5, available from Cricksoft, is a versatile reading and writing tool that helps students develop literacy skills. Its many tools and features make it easy for students (and adults!) to create fun and motivating talking books.

After the SET-BC staff demonstrated how to use the software, the morning fun really began in earnest when the creative minds and fingers of the students were let loose. To help them be as successful as possible with their writing, the students were able to access pre-made folders of images and sounds from such topics as the Canucks, Harry Potter, Twilight, and other high interest themes.

Students added these photo images to go along with their original stories and then inserted audio clips that could be played as the books were read. Having their own writing read aloud by the computer was very motivating and also helped students edit their writing as they went along.

The students and support adults really enjoyed the Clicker Camp morning reporting keen interest in using the program to create more books once back in school. The morning ‘camp’ format of this student activity day is a great way to introduce Clicker 5 to students or to develop their existing skills to use the program more effectively.

If your BC school or district would like to host a Clicker Talking Books Camp with your SET-BC students, please contact your SET-BC regional consultant.

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