Jess and his Mighty DragonJess is an avid floor hockey player who drives a truck on his family’s property. He also jet-sets with his family, traveling to Hawaii, New York and Mexico. He has done so well in his educational program, he will graduate one year early from high school. While Jess’ arms are very short due to a genetic disorder, he obviously hasn’t allowed this or any challenge to hold him back.

When completing written assignments in his various classes, Jess had used earlier versions of the speech-to-text program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, but always found that he could write or keyboard with greater accuracy and speed than he could dictate with DNS. However, when shown a new version of the program last year, he was determined to try it out and the newer version has won him over.

He still uses pen and paper in the classroom, but when he has to complete longer written assignments, he turns to DNS. He has found version 11, in particular, to be easy to train and quite accurate.

Jess plans to write his Provincial English 12 exam this spring using DNS. He feels his time spent training and using the program this year has prepared him to use the program in an exam situation. We wish him the best of luck on the exam and look forward to hearing about his plans after graduation. The pen may be mightier than the sword; but, for Jess, Dragon has proved mightier still.

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