Bailey - Writes On IndependentlyBailey is an inspirational grade 7 student attending school in Surrey, British Columbia. According to her integration teacher; before Bailey received her SET-BC laptop in Grade 3, her written output and participation in class activities was very challenging. Bailey has cerebral palsy and this has made academic tasks (particularly completing writing assignments) a struggle for her. It was difficult for her to keep up in class, and she required scribing to express her ideas or complete assignments.

Upon receiving her SET-BC laptop, she gradually built her skills and her ability to use her computer. In grade 4, she increased her keyboarding skills significantly, and learned to scan materials into the Kurzweil 3000 program installed on her Macbook computer. She used her computer to complete spelling activities, to write stories and to participate in novel studies and other units. She also began to learn how to access her computer independently.

In grade 5, Bailey’s computer became an amazing support for her. She learned to use Clicker 5 software to write her own stories by importing pictures from the internet and using “edit mode” to create her own talking books. She also began to create PowerPoint slide presentations for class projects, and used Kurzweil 3000 to complete much of her classroom written work.

In grade 6, Bailey’s computer skills continued to develop, as she was always eager and quick to learn new ways to use her technology. She loved finding out about different programs and to learn more features of Kurzweil 3000 and Clicker 5. She started to use Comic Life, and Inspiration to express herself in stories. Her stories are creative and full of humor and drama and she loves sharing them with others.

It is now grade 7 and Bailey is integrated into the Grade 7 class, using her computer with increasing independence. She knows how to access all of her software programs on her own and is using a scanner to scan her worksheets into Kurzweil 3000. According to her Educational Assistant Michelle, “the computer has opened a great vista of possibilities for Bailey that otherwise would not be there for her!”

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