SET-BC Hosts AAC WorkshopsSET-BC supports students who have difficulties with verbal communication and use voice output devices to augment their speech. Consultants work in collaboration with speech language pathologists, teachers, and educational assistants to select an appropriate device for students requiring communication support, and assist with implementation of such voice output devices in the educational environment.

On January 12th and 13th Elaine Holtham from Aroga Marketing provided hands on training for SET-BC consultants and school district teams working with students using Vantage Lite and Alt-Chat communication devices. These workshops took place at SET-BC Provincial Centre, and involved SET-BC consultants, district speech language pathologists, teachers, and educational assistants from across the lower mainland.

January 12th consisted of a full day of Vantage Lite training. The Vantage Lite is a dynamic display communication device for students who are non-verbal, yet able to communicate through vocabulary systems of symbols, or symbol supported words. The device speaks the communicator’s message out-loud with synthesized speech. Twenty workshop attendees learned to input vocabulary, create and link vocabulary pages, and create notebooks and visual scenes on the augmentative communication device.

During the January 13th session, fifteen participants attended a morning Alt-Chat programming workshop. The Alt-Chat is a simpler, dynamic display communication device that is an option for students who are able to use symbols and phrases to communicate. Workshop attendees were introduced to a range of device programming skills such as inputting vocabulary, setting up and linking pages, and creating visual scenes.

SET-BC thanks Elaine and Aroga for providing such valuable training opportunities for our organization and school teams!

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