Peers enjoy playing “Go Fish”, “Mr. Potato Head” and puzzles with Haydon. Haydon can choose a partner from friends’ photos on the SpringBoard. As well as playing the game, the partner also helps Haydon find appropriate symbols on the SpringBoard. Sometimes the friend models use of the SpringBoard while playing the game.

The games provide many communicative opportunities. Specific vocabulary is required, so Haydon can practice learning where the symbols are located and when to use them. Haydon also has vocabulary available for making comments about the activities. Peers help Haydon locate and use phrases like, “I need help, please,” “I’m finished,” and “Let’s do some more.” The classroom teacher has scheduled a daily time for Haydon to play a game with friends. This has ensured that he has structured practice using augmentative communication every day!

The SpringBoard has helped Haydon interact with friends. The school team looks forward to providing more opportunities for him to participate and communicate with peers in a variety of classroom activities.

View Video - Haydon: Game for Communicating

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