That's Cool - Cool Communicators talking“Tell me something interesting about you!” could be heard around the BC Lions Easter Seals Camp Winfield on May 26th as twenty Cool Communicators from across the Okanagan and surrounding areas gathered for a day of sharing, networking and camp exploration. Each Cool Communicator was provided with a lotto board identifying nine people at the camp to interview. They then had to report back to the whole group. It was interesting to hear the variety of things the participants chose to reveal about themselves during the interview process and wonderful to see the participants identified in the debriefing by their peers. They definitely had been listening closely to their new friends! It was the first time attending a Cool Communicator event for about a quarter of the participants with more than half having never attended a camp before. It proved to be a terrific opportunity for everyone to meet new people and to view and enjoy the camp facility. The organizers hope this positive experience will encourage new campers to attend the three, week-long Cool Communicators Camps, co-sponsored by the BC Lions Easter Seals and SET-BC, planned for various locations across the province.

The afternoon’s activity was a camp scavenger hunt. Participants used picture-supported lists to help locate the real objects scattered about the camp. A camp map was a helpful visual support for campers as they hunted the various objects. The students had to use their best deductive reasoning during the activity as some of the items might have been found in a variety of locations. Everyone had a great time finding (and keeping!) the various Dollar Store treasures that included pirate hats, flashlights and cookies.

Throughout the day, the accompanying adults were thrilled to see students with such a variety of devices and access methods communicating independently with their peers. This type of gathering is a wonderful opportunity for these students to meet similar peers from neighboring schools and districts and to practice the skills needed to use their communication devices effectively.

Now that’s COOL!

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