BryceBryce, a grade 7 student with Down syndrome, has been using SET-BC technology since 2008. Bryce and his school team have grown together, learning new concepts and skills.

Before technology, Bryce’s skill development had been painfully slow; he just didn’t catch onto concepts and couldn’t retain what he did seem to grasp from one day to the next. It’s a different story now; he’s actually reading books and is counting everything in sight!

The team (Student services teacher Connie White, and EAs Jodie Quaife and Patti MacDonald) began by using Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro to introduce word concepts to Bryce.

Attracted by the colourful symbols and enjoying the interaction with the Mac, mouse and keyboard, Bryce remained engaged long enough to build on his repertoire of sight words, remembering letter sounds more consistently.

After about a year, everyone was ready for the next step. Once again the team learned new software and put it into Bryce’s daily routine, and once again his learning leaped forward. Bryce, using Clicker 5, began putting words together into sentences, reading and writing.

Bryce’s literacy was growing, but his math skills were lagging behind. When SET-BC’s Provincial Centre offered a day of instruction to build math resources just for Bryce (and downloadable for others from SET-BC website), Bryce’s team grasped the opportunity with typical enthusiasm. With resource developer, Daphne Mercier, they built animated counting activities to hook Bryce’s attention. It worked! Intrigued by computer generated dinosaurs that danced when he counted them, he transferred his learning and began counting other things he saw. Now he can even play games requiring counting with the other students.

Bryce has certainly “clicked” with his technology; but equally as important, so has the school team who recognized its potential to help their student.

View Video - Bryce: Clicks With His Computer

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