SamuelSamuel’s smile shines brightly as he demonstrates how he uses his Fusion portable word processor. He attends Gitsegukla Elementary School in the Bulkley Valley region of British Columbia.

Using the Fusion is much easier than writing with a pen and paper, says Samuel. He is especially proud of his increased typing speed, which he has accomplished by using the “Perfect Form” keyboarding feature. He’s up to 38 words per minute this October and planning to keep improving.

Samuel’s typing impresses his classmates, too. “I like it when people say, Wow! I wish I could type like that.” This is very exciting for Samuel, who has cerebral palsy and has a difficult time with fine motor skills, like writing.

Samuel uses this lightweight, easy-to-use device for Science, Social Studies and Language Arts class assignments. When he is finished his work, he likes to type out lyrics of his favourite songs and even create lyrics for his own songs.

When Samuel is ready to print his documents, he heads down to the computer lab and sends his text to an open document on a lab computer. There he can add final touches to his document and even add pictures to his work. He prints it off and is ready to proudly hand in his finished copy.

Samuel’s teacher is also very pleased with the work he is doing. She is planning to purchase more portable word processors for other students with writing challenges in the class. She thinks Samuel will be a great help teaching others how to use this helpful device!

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