bryce_timmy_2upTimmy has just returned from a wonderful trip to Cranbrook where he visited with SET-BC student, Bryce who will be going to middle school next year. He and Bryce began the important transition process to middle school together. Bryce brought Timmy to his new middle school where he introduced Timmy to many of the school’s staff.

His teacher, Connie White reported that, “It was a fantastic experience having him. We used Timmy mainly for helping with Bryce’s transition to middle school for next year. He had his first tour around the middle school, met the principal, saw his new library, etc. all with Timmy by his side. What a great experience for Bryce and many of our kids that got to be a part of the project and excitement of having a guest here!”

Timmy has come back full of terrific pictures and stories from his visit to Cranbrook. He feels he has done a good job because Bryce felt a sense of accomplishment from having him there.