TerronOral and written communication skill challenges can severely impact a person’s life. For Terron, a non-verbal teenager with cerebral palsy, however, the Vantage Plus has been an excellent solution which he has utilized to overcome many of the challenges with which he is faced.

Terron uses the Vantage Plus to speak using Picture WordPower software. It allows him to generate his own sentences giving him the full capacity to say whatever he wants. He has participated in drama and can ask and respond to questions in class. It also assists him with reading since managing textbooks is difficult.

He is able to import textbooks in text files into his Vantage Plus and read them out loud. Since spelling is another challenge for him and the regular keyboard on the computer would be very slow and laborious, he can write in WordPower, which includes word prediction, and either connect the Vantage to use as a keyboard with a word processing program on a computer, or, write in a notebook in the device and transfer it later.

Terron loves to write wants to be an author some day. Additionally, with the built in MP3 player in the device, he can listen to his favorite music or audio books which he just loves.

View Video - Terron: The Ad-Vantage of Writing

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