Cortical Visual Impairment: Dr. Christine Roman-LantsyOn March 4th & 5th, 2010, PRCVI hosted a workshop on Cortical Visual Impairment presented by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy. The event was a great success with participants from various backgrounds: BC Vision teachers, speech and language pathologists, deaf blind support teachers and parents.

Participants gathered to learn from Dr. Roman-Lantzy’s experiences and expertise. She shared information with regard to the best practices for working with students with cortical visual impairment.

The focus for the two days was on assessment and intervention. Dr. Roman-Lantzy shared practical strategies for understanding and working with children with cortical visual impairments.

From her book, Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention, Dr. Roman-Lantzy spoke about the characteristics of a student with a cortical visual impairment and how that impacts on how he or she processes what they see. With meaningful interventions, children with cortical visual can resolve the characteristics of their impairment.

Participants’ response to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. They found Dr. Roman-Lantzy engaging and knowledgeable. The information she imparted will go to benefit the students of those who attended.

More information on Cortical Visual Impairment and Dr. Roman-Lantzy’s book can be found at the American Federation for the Blind website.

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