torch231_01On February 2, 2010, the Olympic Torch relay arrived in Port Hardy where Rod Hikida, our SET-BC regional consultant from Prince Rupert, had the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this national event. He carried the torch for about 300 meters – the crowd that had gathered was so large he was not able to actually run but, rather, walked his leg of the relay.

Rod told us that he had trained for about 2 weeks prior to the relay by jogging during the day and playing on the Wii in the late evenings. When he checked out his route beforehand, he was somewhat relieved that it was “all downhill with a tailwind at the end”!

The torch was passed to him by a woman from Alert Bay who was being accompanied by her whole village. She, herself, had received the torch from two other women who had crossed with it across the bay in a canoe. Rod felt the passing of the torch was memorable with the many costumes and native drumming. His leg of the relay went by very quickly, lasting only about three minutes. He then passed the torch to a 14-member youth hockey team. The fire in his torch only lasted five minutes, just enough time to receive it, walk with it along his route, and then pass it on. He has purchased the torch and will keep it as a very special reminder of his incredible experience.

When Rod came by the SET-BC Provincial Centre later that week, everyone was very excited to be able to hold it – Timmy Technology, in particular, was delighted to have his chance with the torch and was reluctant to give it up!