Physical Access Technologies - A Workshop for School-based TeamsThe SET-BC Physical Access Interest Group recently completed work on a provincial workshop focusing on the many different options available for students who have physical access needs. This workshop is being hosted by SET-BC consultants all over the province in many different school districts. Kathy Ryan, the SET-BC consultant for several Okanagan school districts, hosted the workshop on January 12th in Oliver and January 15th in Kelowna. A total of 30 participants attended, learning about the various categories of physical access technologies, discussing student profiles, and exploring the many hands on stations containing a variety of physical access hardware and software.

Workshop participants reported that, as a result of attending the session, they had a much better understanding of the options for students, how to match the technologies to their needs and they took away specific ideas for students on their caseloads.

The workshop was hosted next by Bruce Fraser, the SET-BC consultant in the Kamloops-Thompson school district. Nineteen participants enjoyed the various workshop modules and had very positive comments at the end of the day. “Great workshop – I wish more colleagues were able to attend – great practical information – a very useful workshop for a novice special education teacher.”

The workshop itself is divided into several modules, with each of the main modules exploring a specific category of physical access technologies. The workshop is designed and facilitated to ensure that participants’ individual learning styles are supported, with a variety of activities including instruction, small group discussions, hands on exploration of technology, and individual reflection.

The workshop presentations and the print resource, Physical Access Technologies: A Guide for School-based Teams, is now available in the SET-BC Learning Centre.

If you are interested in attending this workshop in your area, contact your SET-BC consultant for more information.

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