ChazzChazz is a student with visual impairment attending school on the North Shore. He is currently in Grade 11. Chazz has Stargardt’s disease which affects his central vision but his peripheral vision is relatively good. He has difficulty seeing things at a distance.

When Chazz was in Grade 7, his school team requested a laptop with screen magnification software to help with the increased academic work load. Chazz first worked on developing his keyboarding skills and within a year was very proficient. He was a natural with the technology and quickly learned the ins and outs of the screen magnification program and was showing his school team a new trick or two.

When Chazz transitioned to high school, he required a technology solution that would help him see things that were at a distance, such as the board or charts on the wall. He would also need a portable solution as he moved from classroom to classroom. The vision resource teacher requested a short term trial of an Acrobat. It is a video magnifier that has room viewing capabilities. Chazz took to this right away. He was an active experimenter and figured out a lot of it on his own. He was able to hook up the Acrobat to his laptop and installed the video software that came with the camera.

Because the trial was so successful, the team requested the Acrobat for Chazz. And ever since that trial period, Chazz has been impressively independent and successful with the use of the device. He takes his laptop and the Acrobat to all of his academic classes, sets it up in a jiffy and uses it to follow along with class lessons. He troubleshoots any issues that arise with his technology because he knows it inside and out.

View Video - Chazz: Flips for his Acrobat

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