BookSenseXTPRCVI and SET-BC are sponsoring the Book Sense XT Project to explore the capabilities of a portable audio reading solution for students with visual impairments and assess its usefulness as a tool for independent access to print. The Book Sense XT is a handheld media player that can read text and DAISY file formats.

The device is made by Korean-based company H.I.M.S. and is locally sold and supported by Aroga. The Book Sense XT was selected because of its available storage capabilities and its ability to read .doc and .docx files.

This project is a follow up to the 2005 Bookport project during which 24 devices were given to students to use. We will explore whether the device’s improved features and advances in technology improve the ease of use and access to print for students with visual impairments. 25 teams (comprising of one student and one vision resource teacher ) are welcomed to participate in this project.

Who May apply?

Students in grades 7-12 who are in academic programs and are currently accessing ARC-BC resources are welcome to apply. Signatures from Parent/Guardian and Vision Resource Teacher will be required.

Successful applicants will need to commit to completing survey forms, setting aside time for training (online and with lesson plans), and completing evaluation forms by deadlines.

If interested teams are not currently accessing ARC-BC resources, they are still welcome to apply on the condition that they will go through their district approval process for accessing ARC-BC.