MeaghanMeaghan, as she will tell you herself, is a cheeky 13-year old completing grade 7 in BC’s South Thompson region. She had difficulty communicating with others and her team, hoping to help her express her thoughts, initially used Boardmaker to create communication boards. This was only a starting point, however, as this system just couldn’t keep up with her!

Her team moved her to a laptop with Speaking Dynamically Pro software. Since she also has physical challenges, she uses two switches to make choices on her SDP boards to both communicate and to write. Meaghan finds the word prediction feature in SDP particularly helpful as it allows her to write about any topic she wants while minimizing the amount of scanning needed.

Meaghan’s success with her communication system has been a result of her excellent auditory skills, her hard work and determination, and the caring and thoughtful support she has received from her school based team. To learn more about Meaghan, how her team has overcome obstacles with her technology, and to see her in action, follow the link below to view her video.

View Video - Meaghan Switches On Communication

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