Dr. Penny ReedThis collection of webcasts features Dr. Penny Reed discussing issues important to school based teams considering or implementing assistive technology with their students. In the first interview, Dr. Reed discusses how school based teams can determine if their students “need” assistive technology and how teams should prepare to make a request for the technology.

Dr. Reed provides information for teams who have requested assistive technology and are now planning for implementation. Determining key members of the implementation team, the importance of implementation planning, and what to bring to planning meetings is discussed. During the third interview, Dr. Reed discusses how teams can make the most of their assistive technology training – who should be included in the training, how much time can a team expect to spend training, and what teams can do even before the technology arrives.

Dr. Reed answers important questions on how a school based team can show whether or not an assistive technology solution is working for a student. The discussion also includes suggestions for how to introduce the technology, how often to review the implementation plan, and how teams can help create smooth and successful student transitions. In the final interview, Dr. Reed offers suggestions for teams who are receiving a student who already has an assistive technology solution in place.

These interviews provide practical suggestions for reviewing the existing implementation plan, what teams should do if they don’t understand the technology, and how receiving teams can ensure future teams are well informed.

Before Making a RequestPlanning for ImplementationMaking the Most of TrainingIs It Working?Receiving a Student Using Technology