Dr. Howard Shane Interview

Howard Shane received an MA in speech pathology / audiology from the University of Massachusetts and a PhD in speech pathology from Syracuse University. He is a Fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association and the recipient of the Goldenson Award for Innovations in Technology from United Cerebral Palsy Association. SET-BC had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Howard Shane’s visit to Vancouver in February 2006.  Dr. Shane presented on ‘all things visual’ to an audience of 100+ educators on his recent work that focuses on the use of Visual Screen Displays for communication and communication growth for persons with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Shane proposed a framework that considers three forms of visual supports for persons within the ASD population including:

  • Visual Expressive Mode (VEM): Visual supports used for the purpose of expressive communication.
  • Visual Organizational Mode (VOM): Visual supports used to represent the organization of an activity, routine, script, or schedule.
  • Visual Instructional Mode (VIM): Visual supports used as an alternative to or in conjunction with spoken or written language. The intent is to enhance instruction by incorporating a visual element that complements or substitutes for spoken language.