SOLO 6+ Syllabus

SOLO is a suite of four integrated programs: Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder, Write:OutLoud and Co:Writer.  These programs can be used to support the entire reading and writing process.  These materials focus on the features of Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder, and Co:Writer and how they can be used to support students with reading, writing and studying.  The materials can be used individually but those teams new to using SOLO might consider working through the various modules in sequence.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • understand the basic functions of Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder, and Co:Writer
  • be able to construct reading and writing assignments using a combination of Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder, and Co:Writer or individually

Course Requirements

As this is an introductory self directed course geared specifically for supporting reading, writing and studying using SOLO programs you do not require prior experience or knowledge of the program to successfully complete the course.  However, since this course is presented online, you will require the following:

  • general computer competency including file management, and use of the internet
  • access to current computer and internet technology including a computer with an up-to-date operating system and internet browser
  • reliable high speed internet connection which will allow access to the various presentations, videos and demonstrations.
  • have a copy of SOLO 6+ as well as know how to open Read:OutLoud, Draft:Builder, and Co:Writer on your own computer.

Course Schedule

This course can be started and completed on your own schedule at any time of the year!  As this is delivered as distance education, you can set your own timetable for completion of the various modules and activities.

Course Format

The self directed course will contain a combination of demonstrations and interactive elements. Most of the presentations are narrated and the captions are available in the “Notes” tab in the course. The “Module Details” tab will contain a brief description of the lesson and any files associated with the lesson. The “Resources” tab will contain any links to external resources.